Fart is as excited as anyone about the end of yoga class

“I feel guilty saying this, but this yoga class had better end really fucking soon because I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” said a fart in Monday’s 6:00AM Vinyasa 2 class as it desperately  clutched the walls of Elaine  Rolling’s descending colon. “I don’t mean to diminish the importance of  yoga in my own spiritual and interpersonal growth, or my genuine affection for plow pose, but for the love of all things holy, please let me out of here.”

Boulder reservoir provides example of what can happen when uncircumcised men don’t wash properly

This morning’s test results showed that bacteria levels had gone down far enough to reopen the Boulder Res, much to the delight of Ironman race director Doug Kensin. “I’m really excited to give these athletes the opportunity to surf that fine line between nasty rash and mysterious pink bumps,” said Kensin. “I don’t have to tell you, but the Res can be a scary place. That said, I’m glad our athletes are going to get the chance not only to push their muscles to the brink, but also to see what kind of stuff their immune systems are made of.”  

iTunes 11.3 (53) update simultaneously interrupted by both and 11.3 (54) and 11.3 (55)

“I lost track of which iTunes version I was on in 2004,” said Kerry McConnolly Wednesday as she attempted to get up to date on her iTunes versions. “I don’t want to be the one still using iTunes 11.3 (53) when everyone else is on 11.5 (98),” said McConnolly, 34. “So here I am, just kind of wandering around in a fog with my Air Jordans on and no idea what version I’m even running. Then I start downloading updates.  I just tell myself that if I keep downloading, eventually my songs will appear in a list on my screen. And when I click one, it will play. Well, you never know.”

Computrainer class takes blue pill

Choosing the blue pill Friday, a team of CAC members simulated a a bike ride in a small, dark room where their legs’ power output was digitally reproduced in a fictional, unblemished universe where better-looking avatars competed for top speeds on illusory roads. As cyclist Tonhee Rolls plugged into the computer system Friday, she explained the choice. “First of all, I don’t eat red dye number 5. Second, the blue pill? Guess what? Zero carbs.”

NCAR scientists get loose Dec27

NCAR scientists get loose

When four scientists slipped out from behind their triple screen monitors Tuesday, most of their co-workers thought they were going to the cafeteria for coffee, or maybe a plastic container of instant pudding.”I never would have imagined that they would just walk out of the building like that, in broad daylight, no NCAR mini-bus in sight,” said Hal Shephard, Deputy Lead Project Manager with the Department of Atmospheric Science. “I just hope that they take advantage of this break to have a good time, get some drinks and maybe do a little shopping at the wizard store.”

Boxcar and lululemon team up to create coffee drink that makes you feel poor, overweight

Boxcar™ and lululemon ™ are teaming up to create an end-of-summer specialty drink featuring a combination of the Kenya Kirimahiga ™ beans and the smell of milk (or sugar).  The specialty coffee drink is made from handpicked beans that have experienced the high altitude Boilermaker ™ brewing method designed to brew a perfect™ cup of coffee at a lower boiling temperature by immersing the grounds in boiling water™.  “What I love about this coffee is that the coffee grounds have been immersed in boiling water,” said lululemon’s Amanda Sage. “I can almost guarantee that this cup of coffee will be the best $12 you ever spend, unless you’re counting the lululemon ™ foam block™.”